Wheels Coming off the Bandwagon

A poem for the casual sports fan

Throw the match on the telly,

We’re sure to win.

Jaysus, this jersey won’t go over my belly,

It’s only made for a lad that’s thin.


Who’s your man up front?

Has he played with us before?

That ref is a …. Clown.

Surely that was a score?


He’s a great wee mover,

Knows how to control a ball.

He’s in the box with that manoeuvre.

Jaysus, did he fall?


Not a hope that’s a peno!

Ref, you’re having a laugh.

Now that’s a terrible blow

At the end of the first half.


The atmosphere look’s great,

We’ll get back in for sure.

We can’t let them dictate,

Our boys will endure.


Oh, they’ve scored a second.

How long is left?

We aren’t as good as I reckoned.

The price of this jersey was theft.

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